Healthy Crowdfunder is a startup venture sponsored by ALA Midas Capital Inc  . Our original plan was to develop a venture capital funding platform connecting investors and issuers. While the securities regulatory risks remain unresolved, we are seeking to co-finance and co-develop early revenue stage health ventures focused on preventive, personalized and predictive health solutions. If the company is a pre-revenue stage, we are seeking ventures amenable to pre-sales crowdfunding at Indiegogo.


jobs-actIn April 2012, President Obama signed the US JOBS Act, approving the noble intentions to provide greater access to capital for small businesses. Today February 2015, the JOBS Act Title III rules which would have allowed the non-accredited investors to invest, have yet to be released. The SEC has stated its final rules are to be acted on by October 2015. The extreme delay including the prescribed rules as published, have only heightened the risks for our stakeholders.

Consequently, we find it more prudent to defer the business plan of building an equity crowdfunding platform. Building a two-sided market -investors (buyers) and issuers (sellers) – is a challenge enough. Regulatory risks uncertainties have compelled us to focus on developing one side of the marketplace first – the issuers or businesses involved in preventative health.

With the expected passing of the JOBS Act, there is sufficient equity funding platforms operating to use the Reg D Rule 506(c) or accredited investors only. In Canada, we can also access alternative markets for small caps as well as use the capital pool company program of the TSX for the right ventures.